Journal Articles

  1. Graf, C. and Marcantonini, C. (2017). Renewable energy and its impact on thermal generation. Energy Economics, Volume 66: 421–430.
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  2. Wozabal, D., Graf, C., and Hirschmann, D. (2016). The effect of intermittent renewables on the electricity price variance. OR Spectrum, Volume 38(3): 687–709.
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  6. Graf, C., Vetschera, R., and Zhang, Y. (2013). Parameters of social preference functions: measurement and external validity. Theory and Decision, Volume 74(3): 357–382.
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Working Papers

  1. Verde, S. F., Graf, C., Jong, T., and Marcantonini, C. (2016). Installation entries and exits in the EU ETS industrial sector.
    open access link | bibtex
  2. Graf, C., Huppmann, D., and Ortner, A. (2013). Efficient reserve capacity prices in electricity balancing markets with long-term contracts.

Other Publications

  1. Wozabal, D., Graf, C., and Hirschmann, D. (2013). Renewable Energy and its Impact on Power Markets. In: Handbook of Risk Management for Energy Production and Trading (Kovacevic, Pflug, and Vespucci; Eds.), International Series in Operations Research and Management Science, Volume 199, Springer. 283–311.
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  2. Ortner, A. and Graf, C. (2013). Multi-market unit-commitment and capacity reserve prices in systems with a large share of hydro power: A case study. in 10th International Conference on the European Energy Market (EEM). IEEE, pp. 1–8.
    doi | bibtex

Selected Talks and Presentations

Referee Services

  • Economics Letters, Energy Policy, OR Spectrum, The Energy Journal

Community Services

  • Since 2017 11: Austrian Scientists in Norh America (ASciNA) Bay-Area Chapter (link).
  • 2014--2015: Head of the Vienna Energy Group (VEG) which I founded in 2014. Purpose of the group is to connect Viennese Energy Economists/Scientists (link).